Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photo shoot

We have been working since 9 this morning with Micke Eriksson in his studio in Stockholm. Right now we are having a Thai-food-break to get some energy, after many hours of shooting. The pictures are beautiful! We had a peep at them.
Yesterday we met with Marie, the stylist, and checked out her ideas about our clothes. She had made sketches from the requests and reference pictures we sent her a few weeks ago, and she had really done a great job. We are going to look fantastic in the Melody Grand Prix, if I may say.

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Anonymous said...

Hej Calaisa! Så kul att se att ni ska vara med i melodifestivalen. Ni verkar vara så goa tjejer med fötterna på jorden trots alla era framgångar. Hur känner ni inför festivalen? är ni nervösa. Jag ska hålla på er och hoppas att svenska folket fattar hur äkta och jävla bra ni er.
Ha det bra/ Nicke