Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy week

The Melody Grand Prix is getting closer, and we are busier than ever. This week has been much about clothes and hair, and after many hours of measuring, retrying and cutting, we can finally put that aside, and focus on the music. Today we have driven to Hasslarp to visit our friend Thomas, who will help us try in-ear-systems. It's our first time, and we don't want to sing in National TV, with in-ear, in front of 3 million viewers, without having tried it before! So this is where we are now, at Palace of Sound. It's a really nice studio in the middle of nowhere, and the best thing about it is that we have a boxing sack in the other room, so if we get upset, we can just go in and bang it a few times. If we had that in our own rehearsing room, Anna wouldn't have had to through the ginger bread can in the wall! Could be a good idea to get one for ourselves.

Tonight we will be on Swedish Television at 9 pm. We visited Robin's talk show this Wednesday and recorded today’s show. It was a very nice experience, we are big fans of "Robin's", he's a nice and funny guy, and together with Ingvar Olsberg we squeezed into his small sofa, and had a nice and cosy chat.

See the show at

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Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Palace of Noise? ;-) I just voted for you in the Melody Grand Prix!!!!