Saturday, December 8, 2007

End of China trip

Our trip to China ended in the best way possible. We went to Hong Kong, the fantastically beautiful, 7-million-city.
On our first, and only night there, we played at a very small club called "Vibe" and after the gig we hung out with some girls from the Hong Kong Universal office, who we had invited for the show. They took us to a great restaurant and we had a really nice meal. It's nice, as a visitor, to eat with people living in the city. They always know the best places, and our friends understood that we weren't out for cow belly and such.
Before we went back to the hotel, the Universal people took us to the Peak, so that the last picture of Hong Kong, in our minds, would be the one from above.
We have been in big cities before, but it's few of them that you get to watch from an altitude of 552 m... and what a view!

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