Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friday November 23

After enjoying the fantastic hotel breakfast we started our day with some shopping. Eva took us to a market where we could find nice bags and shoes. A few hours later we left the market with empty wallets and too many bags, shoes and belts. Not all of them good bargains!
From the market we went straight to Pazhou Exhibition Center, and straight up on stage. There wasn’t much time for sound check, the audience gathered as soon as we got there, and the radio show, we were to participate in, started almost immediately. We played one song on the stage, went into the radio “cage” and did and interview, went out on the stage again and played two more songs, and then back into the cage to finish up the interview. Everything went smooth and nice, and we had done our first interview on Chinese radio.

That evening it was time for the big opening ceremony at Tianhe Stadium. Before the show we were invited to a Welcoming Reception, by the Guangdong Government, together with all the other participants of the Tourism and Culture Festival.
This was our second experience of traditional Chinese food, and we did our best to appreciate the chicken feet and sea cucumber-soup.

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