Friday, November 16, 2007


We are visiting Gotland this weekend. It's a beautiful island off the Swedish east coast, and it's the first time we are here. We are told however that it's much more beautiful and vivid in the summer, so we have decided to go here this summer again.
Anyway we don't see much of the island, because we are busy working in the studio with our latest project. Today we are recording guitar, bass and violin. Tomorrow song.


Anonymous said...

Vad mysigt det låter att vara på Gotland. Hoppas ni skriver många nya bra låtar. Jag längtar redan efter er andra platta!


HTK said...

Roligt att höra att ny platta är på gång. Om Ni är intresserade av nya bilder på Calaisa, besök - - music sid. 5.

Ha det bra!