Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We played in Sundsvall last Saturday. It was the 7th day of the 7th month in year 2007, we were supposed to go on stage at 7pm, and there were 7 of us traveling together... it was meant to be trouble, and so it was.
After the usual fight with the check-in woman, about flying with too many and heavy instruments, we found out that the flight was delayed...... 5 hours!
Since we already had a tight schedule, we realized we wouldn't make it to the gig. Fortunately the wonderful arrangers of the festival were very accommodating and managed to move our gig time to 12pm and when we finally arrived around 10, we got the best reception and help.
During our set the rain was pouring down, but our faithful Sundsvall fans supported us and sang along, which makes Sundsvall and its nice inhabitants our favourite place right now :)
Lets see if Kristianstad on Friday can match this!

After a great evening with a good gig and a nice after party, but a night with too few hours sleep, we were back at Arlanda airport, and found out that our flight was cancelled! This time though, we managed to change our tickets, and an hour later than planned, we were on the plane to Copenhagen.
On Kastrup airport our luggage was 45 minutes late, and we had to wait half an hour for our cab!

Much fuzz for an hour on stage! But it was all worth it!

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DALQVIST said...

!!! It depends on whether the sound of "Hönsa fötter" will eko in kristianstad or not. :)
Just kidding! It´ll be a smash and we´ll all have sore throats after the gig,(unlike the last time up there,when only one was sore ;)