Monday, July 16, 2007

Congratulations Victoria!

We had the honor of playing for Crownprincess Viktoria on her 30th birthday on Saturday July 14. It was a beautiful day in Borgholm on Öland. It started with rehearsals together with the musicians and the TV crew. At 6.30pm the Royal Family arrived and Calaisa opened up the concert by singing the King's song. We would be lying if we said we weren't nervous, with milions of viewers, and the Royal Family 3 meters infront of us. We did our own version of the King's song, a very traditional song that has been performed hundreds of times before, fortunately the King seemed to like it:)
Later in the show we sang "Sisters in arms" and in the end all the artists performed together. It's always nice to work with other great artists and collegues, and we would especially like to thank Blacknus for backing us up in such a perfect way!
The whole show can be seen on the web. Check out the link to your left.

We hope that Crownprincess Viktoria had a great birthday and enjoyed the concert.

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