Monday, May 7, 2007

Welcome to Calaisa's blog!

Here you can read about our whereabouts, and give your own comments. Enjoy! We're looking forward to hear from you.
Hugs Calaisa


sessan said...

can't wait!

Anonymous said...

hello anna, lisa, caisa, malin

so you got your own blog now - great. good luck with it. we have just installed one too at anyways - hope you are all ok and i wish they would play our wonderful music here on german radio. i really do wish you only the very best for your personal and music career. you deserve the world. maybe i see you soon again in nashville or here in germany. maybe sweden? good luck girls and stay in touch :-)
norbert / meinl

Anonymous said...

I hope, you will come to the correct decision. Do not despair.